Fairy Mom and Me Fairy Mermaid Magic Book 4

Fairy Mom and Me - Sophie Kinsella E-Kitap indir Satın Al,Kitap Özeti Oku.
Yazar(lar) Sophie Kinsella
Kategori(ler) Çocuk, Hikaye (Öykü)
Yayınevi Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Yıl Ekim
Sayfa 160
idefix İle Satın Al D&R İle Satın Al Beğen (5)


Ella's family has a BIG secret - her mom is a fairy! Ella's dream is to become a fairy like her mom someday...but now she wishes for a spell to turn into a mermaid too!

In this enchanting book, Ella and her mom decorate the kitchen with magic coloring pencils, catch a robber on Ella's school trip - and swim with real mermaids!

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